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Melomania is a handy music collection software for Windows, which allows you to catalog music
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Able Apples
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17 July 2011

Editor's review

Melomania is the smartest and the most user-friendly music organizer I have come across. It allows the user to catalog music collection of both analog, like vinyl, and digital, such as MP3, types. It also has other features like automatic tracks adding, searching and downloading information the Internet, media tracking and so on.

Along with providing the regular music sorting features, this software allows the user to search for music on the computer or the Internet by just clicking on the Media Scanner icon on the main toolbar. The scanner then searches for the requisite music and automatically adds it to the existing lists. In fact, it can even search for and download CD covers and other information related to music from the Internet.

The Basket feature allows the user to quickly compile a playlist by dragging the songs in to the basket at the bottom of the window or by selecting a particular track, right-clicking on it and then selecting the Basket option from the send to list. This playlist can later be saved as a compilation. Melomania has no restrictions on the number of compilations that a user can make so one can have playlists for any number of moods and any time of the day. The compilation can also be left to the software by just adding a few filters and all tracks can be rated by the user on a ten-point scale.

Another thing that works for Megalomania is the ease with which the tracks can be transferred. One can transfer his/her favorite tracks from the software to a USB drive in just about a single click and to an I-pod in a couple of clicks. Moreover, Melomania allows lets the user share his/her music with others and keeps track of this borrowing and lending process, putting an end to the problem of lost music. All in all, this is one smart and easy-to-use music organizer that you would love to have on your system.

Publisher's description

Melomania is a handy music collection software for Windows, which allows you to catalog music collection of any kind, from vinyls to MP3s, and provides you with a quantity of facilities to manage music database, including:
* automatic adding the digital tracks
* information loading from Internet
* lent media tracking
* instant cover download
* handy navigation
* instant and powerful search
* support of all thinkable media formats
* track compilations
* track filters
* customized item grouping
* multi-format export
* printing
* customized views
* statistics
* custom ratings
* and more
Version 1.88
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